Heat exchangers, that play an important role in energy production, prevent overheating of power plants, as well as in diesel engines, instantaneous water heaters integrated with solar energy and heat recovery systems, gas and steam turbines, geothermal heating systems, new nuclear energy, as well as all power plants that generate energy, allowing for fast, efficient and economical plant solutions.

Renewable energy sources are converted to electricity in facilities that are still under development. The fact that the systems are prone to improvement means that efficiency can be maximized. By attaching just one ExperPHE plate heat exchanger to the system circuit, you can increase efficiency by at least 70%. The projects created by our engineers continue to bear fruit, and also continue to develop.

Geothermal Heating Systems

In recent years, Turkey's abundant geothermal production resources have been increasingly used, especially through targeted heat production. ExperPHE is one of the most preferred and registered brands in the field with plate heat exchangers, which are often used in geothermal residential heating systems and domestic water production.

Heat Recovery Systems

In the global industry, power plants are one of the most costly industries. Thermal energy recovery systems ensure the use of thermal energy released during the operation of power plants in production. One of the foundations of these systems is plate heat exchangers. ExperPHE plate heat exchangers are specially designed for all systems and applications and provide energy savings with high safety and durability.

Electric Power Plants

Thermal power plants are hot water sources where large volumes of water reach very high temperatures in the process of generating electricity. Although cooling the hot water produced in these plants requires a variety of costly systems to be installed, alternative cooling of the water in these systems can be achieved with ExperPHE plate heat exchangers. The thermal energy generated during the cooling process can be used to fully heat a specific area, allowing two-way savings to be achieved.

Solar Energy Systems

Plate heat exchangers are used as instantaneous water heaters in solar energy systems, which are the most common today. ExperPHE plate heat exchangers can be used in a more efficient and safer way in these systems for providing free energy, for the production of hot water, as well as for heating buildings.