Plate heat exchangers are used as an important heating and cooling circulation element in many fields of industry.

Cooling Group Element

Cooling towers are the most common system that used for cooling industrial facilities. There are two types of cooling towers: open and closed. The plate heat Exchangers are used in these cooling towers for cooling purposes. In open cooling towers, the water isn’t directed straightly to the cooling system, as some debris can enter the system with the water. At this stage, using a plate heat exchanger placed between the system and the cooling tower, the circulations can be separated from each other and prevent the ingression of dirty water into the system. In the event of contamination from prolonged use, cleaning is carried out from the used plate heat exchanger and the system returns to its initial condition of operation.

Waste Heat Recovery

In industrial plants, many recyclable heat sources are generated after the use of hot water and are consumed as waste water. By transferring this wastewater for the heating of accomodations, the savings and increased efficiency can be achieved. Systems designed to recover this waste heat can produce hot water for domestic use or provide an energy source for heating a building or offices. These systems, which are installed with plate heat exchangers, are cheaper than other systems and provide additional savings. Thanks to these savings, the system pays for itself in a short period of time.