Our Quality Policy

As an ExperPHE company, taking into account the sustainability of our brand and the continuity of the ecosystem, we make sure that our products are “durable and upgradeable”. We know that full satisfaction of customers' needs, their profits, plus the brand's reputation are all equal to - "high quality products".

We believe that maintaining the brand's reputation and producing high quality products is possible with a promotion of sophisticated personnel and a well-equipped production line. And to this end, we do our best to promote the development of all employees, paying a great importance to the occupational safety policy.

Products manufactured in our certified production site, and delivered by us in accordance with international norms and standards, upon delivery are also certified by our brand certificate.


Our Sales Policy

As for our opinion, selling a product by itself means nothing. We know that if customers are not provided with proper pre-and post-sale services, positive feedback and continuity of orders cannot be guaranteed.

Before the sale, we consider the correct identification of the customr's demands, the provision of technical consulting support and the joint determination of the most suitable product as the first step of our communication policy. After delivery of the product, we manage a process that aims to minimize customers’ mistakes that may occur, as well as to track down any issues that may arise before installation is complete.


Our Development Policy

Since 2012, we have been supplying ExperPHE plate heat exchangers to more than 40 countries of the world. We shape the growth process of our company, for the prompt delivery of goods to all corners of the world and without rejecting any requirements of our customers. We determine the range of our products and the location of our sales offices, taking into account the general points of feedback and inquiries that we receive from our customers, and we also make regular investments every year.


Production and Consultation

We see a direct connection between the production process and pre-sales consulting. As a first step in the manufacturing process, as ExperPhe company, we customize products according to customer needs with product planning advice provided by our team of experts. Then, during the production phase, we strive to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction through strict controls and inspections, which in turn guarantee the reliability and durability of the heat exchange equipment. Upon completion of the three-stage quality control, if the customer requests the collection and installation of heat exchange equipment on its territory, we provide online consultation support for the assembly and installation of heat exchange equipment at the customer's site.


Warranty and Service

We manufacture Experphe plate heat exchangers based on highly efficient, durable, and high-quality materials to ensure the long-term service life of thease equipments.

Every detail, which is 100% our own production, is produced in accordance with international standards and has all the necessary quality certificates. We give 2 years warranty for our products.

We provide after-sales support for the equipment installation, and we strive to eliminate user mistakes during installation by making sure the process is progressing correctly.

As a form of service, we answer all your technical questions online for routine maintenance and cleaning of heat exchange equipment. If you need spare parts for repairing or for increasing the equipment capacity purposes, we can always supply those spare parts with the advantage that we are their manufacturer.