Clean and renewable energy

is becoming widespread today, and in the future it has to become widespread. High heat generated in Solar Power Plants should be evacuated, otherwise it is possible to damage the systems against all precautions. Increasingly widespread in Turkey and the world in solar energy / panels can be made more efficient and profitable by PHE. The plate heat exchangers produced by us also contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions during heat transfer. EXPER plate heat exchangers can also be used in fluid production. It can also be used in geothermal sector, heating-cooling systems and power plants. Renewable energies are converted to electricity in still developing processes and facilities. The openness of the systems means that the efficiency can be maximized / increased. You can increase the efficiency by a minimum of 70% by installing only one EXPER plate heat exchanger in the loop. The facilities designed by our engineers collect and develop their fruits. We’re working according to önergelik set by the state to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of CO2 in Turkey.

We are ready to

do our part in projects that can be easily implemented in solar power plants, bioenergy plants, waste recycling plants and environmentally friendly thermal power plants, which will increase the efficiency.