ExperPHE plate heat exchangers can be used in heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. They have got a rather wide scope of use, especially in heating and cooling processes.

They can be conveniently used in swimming pool heating systems, in central heating systems, in underfloor heating systems, in district heating zones, as well as in pressure switches and hot water systems.

Hot Water Supply

Hot water is very important in construction and industry. With ExperPHE plate heat exchangers, domestic water can be produced centrally or individually. Compared to older systems, this system is cleaner, more efficient, durable, and economical. You can safely continue to use the system by replacing parts or performing maintenance instead of completely replacing the system in case of technical issues such as calcification, deformation, which is usually caused by chlorine.

Regional Heating

Any desired area can be heated with hot water from sources such as regional heating plants, geothermal resources, and power generation facilities. The usable area is divided into specific parts according to their needs, and ExperPHE plate heat exchangers, designed according to the type of hot water source, are placed in these parts, and thus hot water is produced.

Underfloor Heating Systems

Plate heat exchangers are used to prevent corrosion on the heat source in underfloor heating systems, the use of which has expanded significantly in residential buildings in recent years, and they act as a protective wall between the heated area and the heat source. ExperPHE plate heat exchangers can be used without any problems for many years in underfloor heating systems, due to the structure of their stainless material and high corrosion resistance.

Pressure Breaker

In high-rise buildings, pressure arises depending on the height of the building. This pressure is directed straight to the heating and cooling systems located on the lower floors of the building, without any reduction, causing damage or contributing to their premature failure. For these systems, the mounting of installations with shut-off valves that are resistant to high pressure is a good option from the very beginning, but the cost is very high. An alternative and cheaper solution to this issue is the placement of ExperPHE heat exchangers resistant to high pressures between the central system and the unit itself, which stabilizes the pressure coming from the system, ensuring comfortable operation of the boiler cooling system at low pressure.

Swimming Pool Heating

Any pools, whether they are thermal or swimming pools, they operate with maintaining a certain temperature. It is possible to maintain a constant favorable temperature in these pools using ExperPHE plate heat exchangers. Our heat exchangers, thanks to their user-friendly design, take up very little space in the pool engine room, are the optimal solution for maintaining the desired temperature in pools.

Central Heating Systems

From the past to the present, central heating systems have been a commonly used method of heating buildings. Unlike an individual heating system, a central heating system works more efficiently and uses less energy. For many years, ExperPHE plate heat exchangers have been efficiently providing heating of residential premises and production of hot water in central heating systems without any problems.