Plate Exchangers TecHnical Information

Plate heat exchangers have rather wide use in such sectors as chemical..


Plate heat exchangers

have rather wide use in such sectors as chemical, oil and gas, energy, food, marine and etc. The Plate Heat Exchangers can be used for heating, cooling, pasteurization and heat recovery purposes. As the different values are used in each application area, the heat exchanger’s design can not be made according to the fixed data.

The key factors of this technical information are temperature and pressure factors.

Particularly in gasketed plate heat exchangers selection, we have to pay special attention to min&max temperature resistance of gaskets that should be compatible with the required temperature mode. Another important factor we can name – is a plate flow direction. The advantage of the most efficient design is obtained by following these two factors above.

For the correct and safe operation of your plate heat exchanger, the correct criteria must be determined and the correct design must be made before the Plate Heat Exchanger produced. In this regard as ExperPHE Company, our sophisticated team can render you all needed assistance in heat exchanger design, selection, and technical support. İn Other Words we will promote to prepare the most advantageous and efficient PHE solution for your application area together.