PRODUCTION PLANT | Our production facility


Exper PHE brand gives 2 years of warranty for all heat exchangers produced manufactured in ISO-certified production plants in Turkey and abroad. Our company produced specialized plate heat exchangers suitable for the quality of pressure vessels. Experphe (exper heat exchangers) always offers high-quality products at reasonable prices.

The section of induction hardening

25 KW YF
35 KW YF
40 KW YF
45 KW YF
We have our machines of 150 KW capacity.

The section of GRINDING

Centerless Grinding Machine
Surface (Grinding Machine)
Universal Cylinder (Hole) Grinding
There is a Hole Grinding Machine.

heat exchanger mould section

CNC machine tools
Our Lathe
With our milling machines, we can easily produce and maintain heat exchanger molds of all types and kids.

Tight relief section

We have ovens that can withstand high temperature values.

The section of heat exchanger production

 Universal Lathes
Milling machines
Columnar band saw
Eccentric presses
CNC lathes are available.

STAINLESS bracket production section

Hydraulic presses
Surface Picking Machines
Vibratory deburring machines
We have labeling machines.


Ultrasonic Detector
Hardness test measurement elements
Spectrometer testing.

Heat Exchanger Production section

Hydraulic presses
Eccentric presses available