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experphe-company-profile-01Plate Heat Exchangers, that produced by our company, have been submitted to such different sectors as Heating, Cooling, and Air Conditioning under the brand name of EXPER PHE. Our Technical Team designs the most appropriate products suitable for your application area and demand according to the technical information you submit. Along with this, we find it important to give a priority to the satisfaction of our valued customers with the after-sales services we offer. Plate Heat Exchangers, that are produced by our company are considered as a100% local product and have been designed for the long term operation in the fields of Heavy Industry, Energetics, Marine, Food, HVAC, Geothermal and also in similar sectors.The plate heat exchangers which are manufactured in-house are put into service of Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning sectors under the name of EXPERPHE brand.




Operating in Istanbul Beylikdüzü Organized Industrial Zone, our company carries out the production of Plate Heat Exchangers and their spare parts such as plates and gaskets on the total area of ​​2000 m², the 1500m² of which is closed.