Our heat exchangers that work efficiently and up to very small temperature differences are among the indispensables of the chemical industry. EXPER heat exchangers, which can withstand even strong acids such as nitric acid and can be used with toxic materials such as fertilizer, help you save space and save money. EXPER engineers offer precise and economical system solutions in the processing and control of petroleum-derived chemical products such as plastics, varnishes and detergents in the petrochemical sector, and the plate heat exchangers produced within EXPER have shown strength and high performance even under the most demanding working conditions. In the textile industry, heat exchanger is used to reach the desired temperature in the processing of fibers, fibers and all natural materials. In mining, copper, gold and similar metals used for separation, classification chemicals; Sulfuric acid is used to cool materials harmful to health. Areas of application include the purification of weak acids.