EXPER plate heat exchangers

are suitable for a wide range of applications from combi boilers to central ventilation systems with a choice of compact and high capacity heat exchangers. Brazed plate heat exchanger (BHE) is the most widely used type of heat exchanger in cooling systems. In these models without gasket, the cost is low and there is no need for spare parts, although the working pressure is not very high, the efficiency is superior. Refrigeration units and refrigerators are functional but very energy consuming machines. So our main goals are to change this situation and bring it more economic still. It is necessary to reduce energy use and ensure proper system operation.

This is best done with EXPER heat exchangers

We produce solutions that are compatible with today’s technologies and can be applied comfortably in all areas from ventilation, cooling, food storage and shock freezing processes. Exper plate heat exchangers will minimize your energy losses.