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Exper Phe, that deals with the production of plate heat exchangers and brazed type plate heat exchangers, manages all processes of heat exchanger production from A to Z. Firstly, plate heat exchanger capacity calculation is done by our experts according to the demands of customers. Then, the selection of the appropriate plate heat exchanger is completed and the order for the production of all necessary parts is given. All products produced in our factory (frames, plates, and gaskets) are assembled according to the plate heat exchanger connection scheme and after they become ready for the operation, the final checks are made and the procurement process is completed according to the dispatch plan.

Plate Exchangers

plate heat exchanger

Exper Phe (EXPER Plate Heat Exchangers), is a brand that gives 2 years warranty for its products. The (heat exchange) quality of the plate heat exchangers manufactured by Exper Phe easily meets pressure vessels regulations standards. You can contact us for the support of plate heat exchanger calculations and plate heat exchanger selections.

Brazed Exchangers


Exper Phe brazed type plate heat exchangers are used in cooling units as evaporators and condensers; in heating units are used as an instant heater and they are also used in specific modules. We give 2 years of guarantee for our brazed type plate heat exchangers. You can contact our team for their price list.

Spare Parts


As Exper Phe brand, we are a plate heat exchanger manufacturing company that keeps a large stock of spare parts such as plates and gaskets of many different heat exchanger brands besides the stock our own plates and gaskets production. The supply of plate heat exchangers and their spare parts are carried out from our warehouses where we keep the huge stocks of various brands of plates and gaskets.

Why Experphe

Exper Phe, in addition to the high-quality products and services, also gives the right selection of plate heat exchangers and pays special attention to its customer demands. It shares the advantage of being a manufacturer with its customers over a plate heat exchanger and brazed plate heat exchanger prices!

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With its fast shipment, it keeps supplying plate exchangers and brazed type heat exchangers to more than 20 countries of the world.



It has a manufacturing capacity of certified quality plate heat exchangers and brazed type plate heat exchangers that meet the world standards with 2 years of warranty.



Exper Phe renews the plate heat exchanger connection diagram with up-to-date technology. That is in its own turn allows customers to selection the right plate heat exchanger.



Exper PHE supports its customers with a technical team during the calculation of plate heat exchanger capacity, offering them a right Plate Heat Exchanger selection.

Markets & Applıcatıons

Exper Phe attends to a technology research program and aims to develop the best apps for its customers. Thanks to its sophisticated expert team in technical subjects and regular R & D activities and plate heat exchanger capacity calculation, the plate heat exchanger connection scheme can provide information and technical support. In case If It’s needed, a plate heat exchanger working principle information can be transferred by video.

The plate heat exchangers and brazed plate heat exchangers have a rather wide application in the field of national economy such as food, paper, energy, marine, petroleum, chemistry, and air conditioning industries.


The working principle of plate heat exchanger consists of providing heat exchange without a leak between the plates. Both Gasket type plate heat exchangers and brazed type plate heat exchangers basically have the same operating principles. This modular structure is formed by a harmonious combination of frames and plates and connections in different structures. Another advantage of this modular structure – it can be easily removed and re-assembled for maintenance and control and mounted back. The capacity can also be increased or reduced by adding or removing a certain amount of plates. In cases of necessity, plate exchangers can be adapted to a wide range of operating environments using different plate types with different characteristics. As we can see there is a rather wide number of sectors where plate heat exchangers can be selected. The shapes on the plates are designed to make the flow more turbulent. Depending on these shapes higher flow rates and higher heat transfer coefficients are obtained. The higher flow rate means longer periods of contamination, the higher the heat transfer coefficient means higher heat transfer on the small surfaces. That explains the advantage of plate heat exchangers against different types of heat exchangers.

plate-heat exchanger-nig

     Plate materials

  • AiSi 304, AiSi 316, titanium, 254SMO, Hastelloy C-276

     Gasket materials

  • NBR, EPDM, HNBR and Viton


  • 5000 m³/h

     Operating pressure

  • 25 Bar length

     Operating temperature

  • -20 º C- + 180 º C

     Connection types

  • -DN25-DN500

     Standard frame material

  • -Carbon steel





We pay special attention to the importance of plate heat exchanger calculation for your application areas! For this purpose, you can make the most accurate plate heat exchanger account in your application area with our experienced staff and you can get their support for the choice of the right plate heat exchanger.

Caring about your business, we constantly develop ourselves to find fast and quality solutions for your problems connected with Plate Heat Exchangers, their selections or spare part. You can reach us to meet our company policy, which adopts the appropriate plate heat exchanger prices & service continuity and you can also contact our specialists for all kinds of technical support.  

You can contact our sales team to get a price list for gasketed and Brazed type plate heat exchangers.